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Three Sisters

Times were now changing in England after the Second World War. “The war to end all wars,” said the then government of the day. It had indeed made John Kershaw’s family very wealthy indeed. The Kershaw’s family’s fortune allowed them to go to a private girl’s school, which their mother had attended years earlier.

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Full Circle: Hidden Secrets

Maud and Sara Richards lived in a cotton mill town in the foothills of the Rossendale Valley Lancashire their parents wanted to give the two sisters the best opportunity they could have there parents had sacrificed a great deal to give them the best education possible. After fulfilling their education Maud went into the world of teaching that had always been her dream she then meets a solicitor called John Howard she was in love with him, it was the perfect marriage or so she thought.

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Full Circle: The Double Cross

In Daphanie Carol Taylor’s Full Circle: The Double Cross, sisters Maud and Sara Richards embarks on journeys that takes them into a sordid world of deceit and danger.

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